Mattaforma is a New York-based architecture practice, founded by Jean Suh and Lindsey Wikstrom.  Drawing on parallel practice and research, specifically focused on materiality, the office conceives of architecture as an actionable medium towards a more equitable planet.

We have designed and delivered projects at a wide range of scales, always with atmosphere and performance. From high-rise residential towers to small family houses, from incorporating a worker's perspective on the factory floor to the sounds of bamboo chimes above an outdoor classroom, the office is interested in architecture that fosters a connection to ourselves, each other, and the rest of the natural world, at any scale.

Shaping the next generation of our built environment requires an ethical underpinning towards resources. Material choice is one of the greatest levers in this regard; it’s the moment we actively eliminate carbon from our palette. It’s when existing or new supply chains are affirmed or denied; which is why we invest in research focusing on contextual technical, historic, and cultural material values.
Dedication to quality not only provides a safe space for people to live and play but serves as a platform to build stability and wealth over time. We are dedicated to environments that are welcoming and equitably navigated; places where communities feel free to create and build cultural narratives; places that increase in value over time.

We want to include more voices in the design process. One of the ways we bring together multiple stakeholders and manage the stewardship of resources is by integrating data and applying the power of computation. We work with clients and experts to jointly imagine new ways of life, crafting opportunities for improving occupant wellness and expanding the types of spaces that we enjoy spending time in. After all, architecture is an investment on behalf of one's health, a foundation for a community, and a gift to future generations.

Mattaforma Architecture
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