Immersive Housing Catalog

Immersive Housing Catalog: Projecting New Collective Forms

Research completed in 2017 on collective housing using immersive reality capture

Funded by the SOM Foundation

Published in Faktur Issue 2

Exploration of the daily life lived inside 20 architectural sites across Europe and Asia that represent spatial moments of collectivity were documented with an Insta360Pro camera. The project was completed in 2017 over the course of three months and 24,000 miles of travel, a distance equal to that of the earth's circumference. 

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Site 1
Espaces Abraxas 

Site 2
Bouca Complex

Site 3

Site 4
La Muralla Roja

Site 5
Walden 7

Site 6
La Tourette

Site 7
Etoiles des Renaudie

Site 8
Thalmatt I

Site 9
Siedlung Halen 

Site 10
Karl Marx Hof

Site 11
R50, Baugruppen

Site 12

Site 13
Bauhaus Hotel

Site 14

Site 15
Sven Markelius Collective House 

Site 16
Coop Fardknappen + Sjofarten

Site 17
Paimio Sanatorium

Site 18
Urban Villages: Dafen + Baishizhou

Site 19
Qingxing Lou

Site 20
Revesible Destiny Loft

Award winning research on collective housing using immersive reality capture.

Funded by the SOM Foundation