Blue Grass House

Nuerodivergent Classrooms

In Progress

Location: Queens, NY

Client: J.F.K. JR. High School

Team: Lindsey Wikstrom, Jean Suh, Jessica Martin

J.F.K. JR. High School is a public New York City high school that welcomes students with diverse neurological profiles, recognizing and respecting the natural variation in how people think, learn, and process information. 

Their student population includes individuals who identify as neurodivergent, such as those with cognitive delays, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), multiple disabilities, and speech and language delays. We designed a new adaptive daily living classroom to teach essential life skills to neurodiverse individuals in a safe, accessible, and supportive environment.

The kitchen, dining area, bed area, and laundry station are tailored to accommodate different abilities and learning styles, with visual aids and step-by-step guides. We aim to empower individuals to live independently and improve their quality of life. Throughout the process, we researched neurodivergence, the role that sensory processing plays in stimuli seeking and avoidance, and ways to integrate elements of the Autism Aspectss design criteria towards designing neuro-inclusive spaces. We also hosted a community engagement session to better understand how to meet everyone’s need for flexibility and care.


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Client: Public Records

Size: 1,000 SF

Ill Gander (1,2,3)
Chloe Bell (4)
Mattaforma (5)
James Hartley (6)

The Nursery is a multi-purpose community space during the summer that doubles as an over-winter nursery for the abundant plant life at Public Records.