Primrose Community

Primrose Community

Feasibility Study

Location: Rhode Island

Private Client

Size: 33 Acres, 300 units

Team:  Lindsey Wikstrom, Jean Suh

One way to envision the next 100 years of an already 200 year old stone building is to save it from demolition by growing a new community around it.  From its existing strong axis, we propose a pedestrian walkway that stems into many variations of housing and flexible common spaces that support multi-generational living.  

The project explores a neighborhood typology that can expand and contract as the unit mix and proforma are developed. Each half-moon community is gathered around a common lawn where the immediate residents have the opportunity to program it into a squash court, bocci ball court, vegetable garden, meditation pavilion, etc. This helps new residents meet early in the process and together form their own interpretation of nature’s value.

The plan is anchored by the repurposed historic stone building centered around a pond and facing the main vehicular entrance to the community. Here, there will be a farm-to-table restaurant, guest rooms, light commercial spaces, and educational spaces for the residents, serving as a catalyst for the neighborhood to come together.

Schematic Design

Location: SoHo, New York City

Private Client

Size: 400 SF

In the early evening, you might escape into a quiet nook in SoHo; like passing through a Venetian piazza that feels as though it is secretly tucked away under the dimming blue to black sky, you grab a small snack and wine with friends.A series of solid and dematerialized corners create space that’s both small and expansive, cozy and explorative, like discovering the small streets of Venice. Illusionary sightlines hug the room for an intimate escape next to seemingly endless urban landscape.