Rancho Almasomos

In Progress

Location: Yavapai County, AZ

Client: Petrichor

Imagine eating, sleeping, breathing, bathing and drinking in the high desert of Arizona. On this 131 acres of biodynamic farm nestled in the small valley of Spring Creek in Yavapai County, visitors have the chance to reconnect with a thriving desert ecology, care for ancient agave, and experience harmonic resonance among all living things, human and nonhuman. 

Rancho Almasomos


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Client: Public Records

Size: 1,000 SF

Ill Gander (1,2,3)
Chloe Bell (4)
Mattaforma (5)
James Hartley (6)

The Nursery is a multi-purpose community space during the summer that doubles as an over-winter nursery for the abundant plant life at Public Records.