Rancho Almasomos

Parkview Mountain House

Under Construction 

Location: Park City, UT

Client: Globizen

The design of the creative retreat translates the occlusion of the neighboring houses into an interior canvas for artists, writers, and musicians. Using square windows
to frame segments of the landscape, the retreat invites
new relationships with the ecosystem that engage all five senses.

Minimizing its footprint in the sloped mountainside, the house is a tower in the forest.
The most social spaces at the top are anchored by immediate forest vistas presented to occupiable wood-lined bay windows, while the private spaces lined with salvaged wood fi nishes unwindmore intimate and unique moments of retreat into the hillside
forest. A timber stairwell with a vertical window creates a visual and physical connection to the 70’ tall Douglas fir trees.


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Client: Public Records

Size: 1,000 SF

Ill Gander (1,2,3)
Chloe Bell (4)
Mattaforma (5)
James Hartley (6)

The Nursery is a multi-purpose community space during the summer that doubles as an over-winter nursery for the abundant plant life at Public Records.